Folding Divan Eco Natura

We present our new folding divan Eco Natura , a product designed to be the perfect complement to the mattress and thanks to its structure in hard cover, upholstered in 3D fabric BLACK with 4 aerators, front opening with hydraulic dampers and retainer metallic head area is not only the perfect support also has a large interior capacity that is a great added for those who want extra storage space in the room.

Finally, with its minimalist and contemporary design totally the folding divan  Eco Natura,
is thought to be  useful and decorative.

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Mattress V80

Present and future come together to meet the requirements of the times and give way to the creation of the V80 Sport Density, aimed at athletes looking for a break from HIGH PERFORMANCE.

Made with bioceramic, a unique fabric that improves health and athletic performance. Mattress boarder SPORT DENSITY design with 6 handgrips, padded cover-cover, 100% breathable, core VISCO SOJA SPRINGS and 3D cloth.

Athletes and mattresses rest on bioceramic. Active rest offered this mattress, improves health and athletic performance.

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