• control de calidad
          • Exhaustive quality control according to industry standards.
          • Review of every detail according to our finishing protocol.
          • Maximum care in packaging.
          • Commitment for each product to have a perfect finish.
        • mejorando el descanso
        • WE IMPROVE
          THE REST

          Rest is important to be healthy.
          We specifically develop materials to improve it.
        • tecnología e innovación

          We manufacture mattresses with the best technology that guarantee good rest.
        • comprometidos con la naturaleza

          We seek to return to what is really authentic, to what is genuine, a 100% NATURAL rest.

        • Título de la imagen
        • A 100% NATURAL REST

        • Sleep is essential for good health.
          We specifically developed materials to improve health while you sleep.
          We want to return to the really authentic, to the genuine for a 100% NATURAL rest...

          One of the primary needs of the human body is to rest, because the deeper and more uninterrupted the rest, the greater the restorative and renewing effect of sleep.

          There are several reasons that prevent us from having a quality rest by interrupting the sleep phase, one of them is the pressure that the mattress exerts on our body, to the point of forcing us to change our posture over and over again, this movement causes a micro-waking up that makes us get out of the deep sleep phase.

          The adaptability of our mattresses due to their materials eliminates the pressure of the sleeping surface on the body, allowing us to stay longer in the optimal sleep phase.

          Since our beginnings as craftsmen and mattress manufacturers, we have always opted for the use of first class materials, selected under a rigorous quality control, this is reflected in the exclusivity and distinction of our products.
        • Memory foam mattresses are known for their sensitivity to temperature.

          Viscoelastic or memory foam was originally created for NASA at the NASA Ames Research Center.
          Although it was never used in the space program, it was used to make aeroplane seats more comfortable and safe for passengers and pilots. Later, it was used in medical applications, such as for patients who had to stay in bed for very long periods of time without moving and who developed pressure ulcers or sores and even gangrene. The viscoelastic mattresses were very useful in stopping this from happening.
          Initially, this material was very expensive, but decades later the production was optimized and products were developed that, although still exclusive, are available to everyone, such as mattresses, pillows, cushions, etc.
          The most important property that this material has is that it dissipates the pressure of the body in a uniform way in all its surface. This means that the body, when lying down, does not have points where the pressure is very high (head, shoulders, hips), but rather the material moulds itself to the whole body and dissipates the pressure evenly.
          This material is mainly used for making pillows and mattresses. These products come in different densities and levels of firmness.
          Density of the viscoelastic
          Density is the amount of material found in each cubic meter (Kg/m3). Based on this density, the viscoelastic mattresses offer one performance or another, that is, more or less viscosity and elasticity to accommodate the body.
          In general, the higher the density, the higher the degree of adaptability, translating into comfort and durability.  When the density is high, it means that there is less air inside the mattress, which is associated with a longer duration of the mattress.
          The densities correspond in the following way: the low density ones have visco-elastic nuclei around 18-40 Kg/m3. Those of medium density have them of 40-80 Kg/m3 and those of high density when it exceeds 80 Kg/m3.


        • Viscoelastica

        • Muelles ensacados
        • systemsac
        • Systemsac® It is the exclusive bagging spring technology with which we offer the perfect solution to enjoy the best rest sensations.
          Systemsac® technology stands out because it is made up of a barrel-shaped spring which is narrower than any other commercially available spring.
          This allows for more support springs in a single mattress.
          This type of mattress has the springs packed in a bag and each spring works individually, so that the springs do not affect each other.
          In this way you get the best bedding independence for double beds. These mattresses are silent and can have up to 7 comfort zones that adapt to the weight of your body. Systemsac has a high durability in time.
          • Better adaptability: The structure of the springs responds dynamically and independently to different weights and shapes.
          • Better stability: Avoiding the transmission of movements from one area of the bed to another.
          • Better ventilation: The interior fabric facilitates the circulation of air, providing a plus of transpiration.
        • MUELLES

        • Evogel
        • evogel
        • Composed of gel particles, it offers maximum freshness and breathability during rest.
          It combines comfort with the latest rest technology; the gel particles regulate the body temperature during the REM sleep phase, significantly improving the quality of sleep.
          It avoids the concentration of heat at the main points of body pressure, maintaining an even temperature.
          The body mass moulds the material, which adapts to the contours of the body offering a feeling of weightlessness, which promotes blood circulation.
          The material that constitutes the nucleus of the gel particle does not contain elements that are harmful to the body, which contributes to enriching our health and achieving total rest during the hours of sleep.
        • Viscografeno
        • viscografeno
        • This innovative technology that we now apply to rest provides:
          These nanofibres are hydrophobic so they repel liquids, delaying the formation of mites and bacteria and preventing dampness.
          The hyperconductivity of graphene has thermoregulatory properties, maintaining an optimum temperature for rest.
        • Cloud Foam
        • cloud foam
        • It is a system that allows greater transpiration, avoiding humidity and preventing the growth of bacteria and mites.
          Due to its open and regular cell structure the temperature between the body and the mattress is improved, this maximizes the quality of the sleep and favours the rest.
          This type of mattress has a highly resilient foam core.
          Resilience is the ability of the mattress to return to its natural shape once the sleeper is no longer on top of the mattress.
          This material is a fairly flexible and elastic polyurethane foam, a mattress with a Cloud-Foam® core is usually synonymous with good quality.
        • Airsense gel
        • airsense gel
        • A viscoelastic up to 500 times more breathable than conventional viscoelastic.
          It is unique in the market due to its open cell structure, it helps to keep the mattress aired and free of mites and bacteria, that is why it is especially recommended for people with sweating problems.
        • For more information about our materials, please request a catalogue by writing an email to export@somicat.com
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        • catalogo 2

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